Hey everyone, due to something that happened to me this morning I’d like to take a moment to send this little plea out into the universe. 

I live in a fairly large city and I’m a cyclist. Unless there’s snow ground, I’m on my bike. I’m sure if you’ve been out on the road you’ve had a close call, whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorist you’ve probably had a near miss.

This morning on my way to work I almost got into a head on collision with a pickup truck. Now there have been lots of times when I kind of sort of almost maybe could have been in an accident but I’m a very competent and safe cyclist. When I leave for work it’s still dark out so I always have my front and tail lights on, today was no different. The light was green for me as I rode through an intersection, the truck was turning across it. Now I don’t know if he just thought he could turn before I crossed or if he flat out just wasn’t looking, the point is he came only a couple feet away from hitting. He was going really fast and after nearly ramming into he pause for split second and then screeched off. 

Here’s my point, whatever you’re mode of transportation please be safe. There are so many stupid people out there, people who step out into traffic without looking, cyclists who run through lights, motorist who speed, unfortunately that’s just how things are and it leads to a lot of people getting hurt. What’s important is knowing how to keep yourself safe and lookout for those around. Do what’s safe, not what’s convenient. 

The above pictures are from about a year and a half ago when I got side swiped by a car door. A guy open his door without looking in his side mirror and I was only about 5 feet away. I managed to get mostly out of the way but as you can see I didn’t get away unscathed. Seriously, take a look, that’s not a cut it’s a dent, that’s how hard I slammed into the door. I had pretty bad muscle damage for about 4 months after.

I got off lucky that time. Today for a split second I honestly though I was going to get killed. 

Please please please be careful when you’re on the road and follow the rules of the road, they’re there to keep us safe. Ok, that’s my rant now back to regular programming. 

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